Digital Signage Display

Knowing that you have the range of products to meet customer needs is not enough, if there is a way that allows us to interpret those needs and channel them to the best deal.


And this case of implementing digital signage solutions teaches us that if you can build a system where the client discusses his desires and shop gives you a stock answer of possibilities that fit those desires or needs. And all this will result in the maximum level of customer satisfaction.


Digital Signage

The signage is the essential instrument of Merchandising at the point of sale animation. Over the course of time has been the subject of many studies and has undergone many transformations, but without losing its laminar and printed. It is not until the early 70’s, with cheaper and popularization of video tape players, companies begin to use TVs in their commercial establishments as a means of encouragement addressed to their clientele. However, its contents were pre -recorded and broadcast on closed circuit. Currently , the availability of broadband Internet , the decline in handset prices and audiovisual support programs and the need to address , in an increasingly customized to consumers, have made known as “Fourth Screen” onset, with increasing force, on the shelves of local retailers.

Digital Signage (Digital Signage) has been defined by the Digital Screen media Association1 as: “The use of appliances or electronic displays, such as LCD, LED, Plasma or projections, to bring entertainment, information and / or advertising in public spaces private away from home.” Moreover, the Interactive Advertising Bureau Spain, in the thirteenth volume of white papers, entitled “Digital Signage The fourth screen”2, specifies the following:” The Digital Signage (Dynamic Digital Marketing) is the digital revolution outdoor advertising (outdoor advertising) and advertising at point of sale (POS). We can define it as a media and interactive digital content at the point of sale and in public places, through emission devices such as screens, projectors, totems or touch panels.”

We will refer to Digital Signage, our object of study, such as: “The signage made by electronic means as used in point of sale, to deliver content and messages more personalized and interactive.”




Trade today, faces stiff competition, so that differentiation is a relevant factor in front of consumers. One way to achieve this is by improving communication with customers through the use of digital signage systems that empower merchants to deliver the right information to the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

As we have already stated, you understand Digital Signage displays and using digital content retailers controlled through an electronic network that allow you to transmit their own messages in their establishments. The adoption of such digital signage systems brings some advantages to the retail sector, among them are:


Expansion of sales opportunities : The video images have great power to attract and retain the interest of consumers, up to 60 % more than the posters printed according Kinetic3, so digital signage to attract attention and drive customer towards the establishment promotions helps sell the goods. This system is especially recommended to sell those items with a wider margin and generate greater profits.

Personalization: Another important aspect of digital signage is that it allows traders to customize the content to make it more attractive to the consumer. So, can adapt their messages to the circumstances require. For example, you can issue ads beers after work hours, or to emphasize the benefits of their stoves in winter, in order to adapt to the contingencies that may influence consumers.

Interconnectivity: digital signage systems have the ability to interface with other information systems available to the community setting. It may be the case of connecting the local surveillance systems with digital signage, to study the behavior of customers against certain messages or you can link radio frequency systems (RFID) with digital signage, for it shows the additional parts or accessories of an article, to detect that the client has taken a certain product. In order to establish any mechanism to communicate with other networks that are deemed appropriate to achieve the objectives of the digital signage network to interconnect.

Staff Training: Staff turnover and seasonal hiring are a common occurrence in the retail sector, which creates the need for flexible and appropriate training. Some users have used their digital signage network to provide training to their employees, communicate corporate messages or inform about new promotions and products, before the store opens or during idle time.

Income Extras: Another advantage of digital signage is that establishments can sell their suppliers or third parties, advertising space on your network and thus gain directly from their electronic signage system.


Whether your objective is to build a brand, influence customer behavior or simply provide information, the dynamic visual experience created by digital signage end positively contribute to increased sales up 14% as reported by Nielsen4 . But to achieve this it is necessary that the system design is appropriate for the type of facility in question, as well as, you should be aware that the content is the lifeblood of digital signage, so it is important to update with sufficient frequency to ensure that the information provided is consistent, attractive and useful for customers.

Fire Proofing your Home or Office

A fire retardant application acts as the ideal test for your home or office. Basically it is a specially formulated substance that helps prevent object from burning that it is applied to. It is one of the most common substances used by firefighters when facing the enemy, ie fire. The use of fire retardant is not limited to fighting the big flames after they’ve erupted. Rather, it is now used on a large scale in homes and offices to prevent objects from allowing the fire to spread rapidly. In other words, a fire retardant applications slows the spread of fire to allow firefighters to come and do their work before their property and the lives of people at home is at stake. We recently spoke with some firefighters about protecting our property at a fire extinguisher training in Las Vegas.

Fire place at Argadels Station

Recent statistics show that over three hundred and ninety thousand homes in the United States by fire each year. Besides the personal loss faced by those who are victims of these fires, the country loses more than 600 billion dollars a year to try to recover damages caused by these fires. The speed at which the fire has been continuing  is increasing at an alarming rate, mostly due to the elevation of the level of heat in the atmosphere. This further increases the importance of making use of flame retardant solutions in homes and offices.

One way to use a fire retardant is through conventional fire extinguisher, which is full of the typical flame retardant chemical class. In general, every home should have one of these extinguishers. But the real test for your home is being able to find the appropriate solutions that can end the root problem. You will be able to find many cleaning companies out there that provide specialized services of fire retardant application for homes and offices. They make use of a special fire-resistant material that can be applied on the surfaces of your home. Curtains, furniture upholstery and other fabrics that are quick to catch fire should certainly be treated with fire retardant. Although these new home technology solutions have a very strong chemical basis when it comes to protecting against the spread of fire, they also do not harm the appearance or feel of their fabrics.

In order to ensure that your property will not be damaged due to the chemical composition of fire retardant solutions you need to take the time to find the right company. Always contact registered carpet steam cleaning company that has been operating in the industry for some years. Then you should check to see what type of warranty they offer for their services. Therefore you must ensure two aspects in the search for the fire services slow application. The first is the quality of the fire retardants and their ability to inhibit the flames. The second is to ensure that the chemical content won t damage tissue.

All of these things add up to protecting yourself with newer technology from fires that can devastate your home or office.

Photo Credit: Stephan Ridgway

Fireplace and Chimney Tips

A house is the warmth of a person and the family can enjoy nature. Almost nothing can compare to the atmosphere of a happy home around Christmas Eve, movie nights, nights out, and  the other simple moments from a common household. As were were trying to find where to get fire extinguishers in Las Vegas for our household, we began to learn these things and understand that the home technology that has arisen to tackle problems like this are fantastic.


But like others, there is another side to the coin, and when to shoot to fit the risk of a burning house. To avoid and to reduce the risk to their loved ones and properties, it is necessary to sort, clean and maintain your fireplace. What you need are fireplace accessories such as a screen for the fireplace, a fireback and cleaning tools. These components are necessary to effectively prevent and add security to your belongings from a fire. They can bring down the fire damage caused from the flying coals and sparks, and as well keep the house very clean and beautiful around your fireplace.

Let’s talk about fireplace screens in the first place. By far the most necessary for indoors fires is a fireplace screen, which is placed in front of the fireplace. This allows you to be safe from the sparks coming out of the chimney and onto the carpet. If the wood is very warm, oxygen whole movement is initiated rapidly, causing pressure to the wood. Then, when the pressure builds, like a volcano holds the outbreak of the wood, the floating spark. A large display screen is not to terribly  expensive and if you look closely, however, on the network or advertising, there are plenty of smaller screens, you can use.

What is the fireback you ask? What is so important? You see, shared residences have fire walls in the rear of their properties, especially along the line of fire from its place at the end of the chimney. But often these brick firewalls tend to take the heat of the flame through the brick, until  they eventually crumble into pieces. Fireback, is known as one of the advantages of the fireplace accessories offering protection against heat and flame directly infiltration brick. And also, as it absorbs heat can generate much more heat to the entire house. Especially when it is put in the back of the fireplace.

Last but not least, includes cleaning tools. If you eat dinner, which you normally do after dinner? The dishes should be cleaned in the dishwasher decoration (if any), cleared the table and brings almost everything in place. The same applies to your fireplace. Maintaining the cleanliness of your chimney, fireplace and accessories that your computer needs. Ash is still perceived as a nuisance shortly after using the fireplace, especially if you have a large amount of wood used. Use the right cleaning equipment – a shovel and a broom fireplace – you will be able to stop the spread of ash in your living room. Asthma attacks are just one of the threat of ash that you can bring your body if not previously infected or asthma.

Photo Credit: Arun Marsh